Petite Framboze (for Florian Schneider)

Petite FramboZe (for Florian Schneider) 6% ABV. After we brew our jammy oak aged FramboZe there is still lots of flavor left in the raspberries so we add another beer and let it ferment on the fruit. It is still fermented with 100% wild culture sourced from the Asheville air.
Beautiful color and foam if not quite as insane as the FramboZe, plenty of raspberry in the aroma and flavor. Acidity is bright and refreshing, little to no funk. Just an absolute summer crusher and a fantastic value for this level of sour beer. Buy by the case!117243878_2682005748680132_4231388634719952741_n

Framboze (for Lucio Fulci)

Framboze (for Lucio Fulci) 6.7% ABV. We selected some prime 2 year old barrels of sour beer fermented with 100% wild culture from the Asheville air and aged them on almost 4# per gallon of raspberries.
Gorgeous blood red color with a bright pink foam. Intense raspberry character with bright acidity and just a hint of funk.

Tokyo Style Gose (for Takashi Mizutani)

Tokyo Style Gose (for Takashi Mizutani) 4.7% ABV. This mixed culture sour was brewed with all local Riverbend malts, local Miso Masters white miso and pickled ginger.
Aroma of lemons and ginger, bright and thirst quenching acidity with delicate notes of pickled ginger and citrus. A fantastic summer refresher and would be a natural paired with sushi.


Biere de Coupage (for Werner Herzog)

Biere de Coupage (for Werner Herzog) 6.4%. A 50/50 blend of double dry hopped saison and 2 year old sour barrels fermented with 100% wild yeast from the Asheville air.
The name translates as “beer for cutting (blending)” and was common in the past in many brewing cultures. Cutting a young beer with old sour beer adds complexity.
Aroma of ripe pineapple and stone fruit jump out of the glass. The sour beer adds a tangy quality that makes this very “juice” like. Super drinkable and delicious.


Whiskey Barrel aged Barley Wines

Wheat Barleywine (for Stanley Kubrick) 12% ABV aged in a 100% wheat Catskills Distilling whiskey barrel and a Rye Barleywine (for JD Salinger) 12.5% ABV aged in a 100% rye Sagamore Spirits whiskey barrel.
The whiskey character is finessed and well integrated in both versions with oak and vanilla notes that take these barleywines to 11 without becoming booze bombs. 105565234_2644084575805583_3202299882394321249_n

House Saison (for Dany Prignon)

House Saizon (for Dany Prignon) 6.3% ABV.
Brewed with local Riverbend barley, oats and rye. Fermented with our house blend of four yeast strains, lightly dry hopped with Azacca and Motueka hops and bottled with wild Brettanomyces yeast.
Aroma of honeysuckle and ripe apricot, pear and stone fruit flavor with an orange pith bitterness. The beer will become more funky over time as the wild yeast added at bottling makes itself known (3-6 months)105387371_2643511252529582_5354077223564514027_n

Tardis Society Club Only Beers


A total tease as these bottles are only available to members of the Tardis Society bottle club:

1850 Truman Brewing Imperial Brown Stout: 9.7% ABV The holy trinity of pale, brown and black malt and 100+ ibus of East Kent Goldings hops. Aged for 8 months with Brettanomyces.
1860 Truman Brewing XXX Mild Ale: Mild ale? isn’t that a 3% ABV Brown ale? Not in 1860!…this is a monster 1.084 OG 120 IBUs beast that is closer to a west coast double IPA than anything else.


Original IPA circa 1850 (for Alexandra David-Neel)

Original IPA circa 1850 (for Alexandra David-Neel) 8% ABV.

A historical recreation of IPA as it tasted in India back when England sent extra hoppy pale ale to its colonists. Aged for a full year in oak barrels with Brettanomyces before we dry hopped and bottled it.
Brewed with a massive 160 IBUs of traditional East Kent Goldings and the finest Maris Otter malt.

Aromas of sandalwood and spice from the Brett with the marmalade character of the EKG dry hops. The massive hopping has been tamed by time and is now delightfully balanced with mouth coating hop resin without being bitter. Just a beautiful beer.


Me and the Devil #3 Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

Me and the Devil #3 (for Dr. Rex Touth) 10% ABV. Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout brewed with lactose and cocoa nibs.
Milk stouts (stouts with lactose added) have a long proud history in British brewing. We start off with a traditional Russian Imperial Stout recipe from the 1800s then chub it up with a healthy dose of lactose. Aged on mounds of cocoa nibs that brewers in the 1800s might question but is downright old school today.

Aromas of bitter chocolate and mocha coffee, flavors of espresso and flourless chocolate cake. Sweet but still balanced by the traditional roasted malts.


Carolina Tripel (for Nina Simone)

Carolina Tripel (for Nina Simone) 9.5% ABV.
Brewed with local Pilsner malt from Riverbend malt and Triticale from Epiphany malt and aged Strisselspalt hops. Fermented with a blend of three Belgian strains then put into oak barrels with our wild culture from the Asheville air for 6 months.
Lightly tart and bursting with peach and apricot flavor. Unbelievably drinkable for a beer of this strength. Delicate funk and oak in the nose, a perfect beer for aging a few years.81720630_2506265116254197_7918330323996246016_n