Russian Imperial Stout circa 1850 (for Peter Freuchen)

Straight out of the old brewer’s records (thanks to Ron Pattinson’s work), this is what Russian Imperial Stout tasted like back in the day. Unlike the candy bar flavored stouts that are all the rage today, this stout is very…adult. Brewed with only pale, brown and black malt, the flavor is packed with bittersweet chocolate and Italian amaro…the finish is bone dry with a firm bitterness.

Like a young bordeaux this is delicious now but will be fabulous with a year or two of aging.



House Saizon


New beer release: Zebulon House Saizon (6.3% ABV). Our first (only?) year round offering, a classic farmhouse saison. Brewed with a mixed field grain bill of local Riverbend malt and raw oats, rye and wheat and fermented with our house saison blend. Dry hopped with Styrian Goldings, Hallertauer Blanc and Citra and bottled with our house Brett blend.

The aroma, when fresh, is bright and hoppy. If aged for a month or two the funky Brett will start to compete with the hops. Immensely dry and refreshing, this is what we think is the perfect saison.

Tokyo Style Gose (for Akira Kurosawa)


Back by popular demand, this is the first beer that we have made twice. Brewed with local white miso and pickled ginger. The bright acidity and light salinity makes this a fantastic summer crusher.

Dedicated to Akira Kurosawa, possibly the greatest film director to ever live

Mixed Berry Petite Saison (for Cynthia Robinson)


After our Mixed Berry Sour beer was taken off the fruit I couldn’t bear just dumping all that fruit down the drain. So…we brewed up a petite saison and let it ferment for a week with the fruit and all the coolship-sourced wild yeast that was mixed in with it. Then we added our house saison  blend and let that work its magic for a few months.

The color is fantastic and the head retention is surprisingly good. Definitely tart and venturing into “sour” territory, beautiful berry character with just a bit of funk mixed in. We couldn’t be happier how this turned out and hope you enjoy it as much as we have been.

Dedicated to Cynthia Robinson, the trumpet player and one of the founding members of Sly and the Family Stone.

Mixed Berry Asheville Sour (for Eddie Hazel)

This is the first beer to be released in Asheville that was fermented 100% with local, coolship captured wild culture…no other yeast or bacteria added. The mixed field base beer was fermented with this wild culture in Chardonnay barrels for 8 months then blended with over 2# per gallon of blueberries, blackberries and boysenberries for an additional 6 weeks.

The aroma is amazingly complex with intense fruit and pleasant funk, acidity is fairly high but far from being a one dimensional “lacto bomb”. Big berry fruit flavors.18739664_1896130190601029_2740837142426037067_n

RELICS! Lost and Forgotten Beer Styles 4-pack

18581533_1893443494203032_4512874273953598144_nWe are excited to release a collaborative 4-pack of “lost and forgotten beer styles”. Teaming up with the world’s foremost beer historian Ron Pattinson we re-created these beers from the old brewer’s logs. Each 4-pack box includes (4) 500 ml. cork and caged bottles and a pamphlet describing the beers. This is limited to 400 boxes. Each beer will also be released in a 750 ml format, also limited to 300-400 of each style.

The included beers are:

October Beer (circa 1750), the strongest beer of it’s time. Brewed with huge amounts of floor malted Maris Otter malt and E. Kent Goldings hops then barrel aged with Brett for 7 months before bottling. 12.1% ABV   188 IBU

Arctic Ale (circa 1880), brewed for Arctic expeditions in the 1800s. Super strong so it wouldn’t freeze. Dark, mahogany brown barley wine. A beer to age for years. 11.8% ABV  100 IBU

Grodziskie, brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat malt and Polish Junga hops. Very light in color with a crisp, hoppy finish but with an amazing smoky aroma. 3.7% ABV       40 IBU

 Kotbusser is a relative of a Berliner Weisse brewed with oats and local wildflower honey. Nice blend of acidity with a hint of sweetness from the honey and the oats. 4.2% ABV

Fierce Invalids Hoppy Pilsner (for Tom Robbins)

A collaboration with Burial Brewing. We couldn’t be happier to brew with our favorite Asheville brewery. This hoppy pilsner was brewed with a hint of tropical lime zest and dry hopped with Mandarina, Wakatu and Cashmere hops. Guaranteed to be the summer crusher of 2017.

Dedicated to the author Tom Robbins who requested that a pilsner be made in his honor. 18485309_1390770114295407_610312996811777554_n

Spring Saison (for Bob Sylvester)

A collaboration with our friends at Birds Fly South Ale Project. A crisp and refreshing mixed field saison brewed with Linden blossoms, Chamomile and Elderflowers. Floral aroma reminiscent of wildflower honey. Fermented with both breweries’ mixed saison cultures for a complex yeast profile.

Dedicated to Bob Sylvester, owner and brewer of Saint Somewhere Brewing. He mentored Shawn from Birds Fly South and was very helpful in the opening of Zebulon.18118814_1882086572005391_324256267692953895_n

Dry Hopped Brett Saison (for John Glenn)

17952947_10212761184573873_7958357534667397873_nThis 7% ABV saison spent 4 months in Chardonnay barrels with our house Brett blend then was heavily dry hopped with Galaxy, Comet and Apollo hops. The fruity, dank hops play perfectly with the complex funk from the Brettanomyces wild yeast. Drink fresh for maximum hop character.