Original IPA circa 1840 (for Laika)

Original IPA circa 1840 (for Laika) 7.5%. This is one of only a few beers that we repeat every year and it’s one of our most intense and challenging beers.
Brewed with 100% Maris Otter malt and a huge amounts of East Kent Goldings hops (160 calculated ibus). Fermented with Burton yeast then aged in oak barrels for 14 months with Brettanomyces. Dry hopped with more EKG and bottle conditioned.
Big gingerbread/sandalwood funk in the nose blends with dried apricot notes from the hops. The flavor is wild, hop resins and funk. Absolutely nothing like a modern IPA but it has gained a bit of a cult following over the years.
Only 400 bottles available as another 400 are destined for a secret mega-project we will be announcing soon.