Evolution of IPA 1840-2000 Box Set

The Evolution of IPA (1840-1994) box set of six historical IPAs recreated from the actual brewers logs. Complete with a pamphlet detailing historical/brewing/tasting notes.
This set will accompany an upcoming streaming lecture by beer historians Ron Pattinson and Mitch Steele. This epic lecture will include an in depth interview with Vinnie Cilurzo and will cover the entire history of IPA from the 1700s to 2021.
Original IPA (circa 1840) aged in oak barrels for 14 months with Brettanomyces.
Whitbread IPA (circa 1902) pre-WW1 IPA. The classic example of an English IPA
Whitbread IPA (circa 1918) post-WW1. The beginning of the decline of IPA.
Boddingtons IPA (circa 1946) post-WW2. The end of IPA as it was known.
West Coast IPA(circa 1974) the rebirth of IPA with the start of craft beer.
West Coast US DIPA (circa 1994) the birth of the double IPA
Complete historical, brewing and tasting notes
$50 limited to 400 cases.