Appalachian/Belgian Dark Strong Ale (for Mariya Oktyabrakaya)

Appalachian/Belgian Dark Strong Ale (for Mariya Oktyabrakaya) 10.2% ABV. A classic Belgian quad brewed with local sorghum syrup from McMurry Farms.

Fitzhugh McMurry still makes small batch sorghum syrup from sorghum that he grows himself outside of Sylvia, NC. The syrup tastes like a mix of molasses and maple syrup and adds a fantastic smooth finish to this strong ale.

This beer is the third in our series of nazi killing bad ass women. After her husband was killed in WW2, Mariya Oktyabrskaya sold all of her possessions and bought her own tank, painted “The Vengeful Girlfriend” on the side and fought the nazis until she was killed in battle.



Biere de Noel (for Aretha Franklin)



Biere de Noel (for Aretha Franklin) 12% ABV. We release our Christmas beer every year in December and we couldn’t be happier with this batch. A classic Belgian quad (dark strong ale) aged in oak barrels with our house Brett blend for a year then we refermented it on 3# of plums per gallon.
The aroma is amazing with oak, fruit and funk almost like an old vines Zinfandel. Big plum/cherry fruit in the flavor with some tartness from the fruit but this isn’t a sour beer. This beer has aging potential for the next 10 years.


Experimental Forest #2 (for Mika Vainio)

Experimental Forest #2 (for Mika Vainio) 5.1% ABV. The second in our series of “tree flavored” beers. A “raw” no-boil white beer brewed with locally foraged spicebush branches, leaves and berries. Fermented with a mixed culture of lactobacillus, brettanomyces and four strains of ale yeast.

Tart, lightly funky with a delicate spice character from the spicebush. This is what the Belgian witbiers of the 18th and 19th century tasted like: rustic yet refreshing. Experimental Forest44816791_2213794505501261_4556169369943539712_n

Russian Imperial Stout circa 1856 (for Robert Smalls)

Russian Imperial Stout circa 1856 (for Robert Smalls) 10.1% ABV. A historical recreation from the old brewer’s logs, back when this beer was actually sent to the Russian Czars (hence the name).
A far cry from the diabetes inducing liquid candy bar stouts that lately have taken over, this is a serious stout for adult palates. Brewed with the finest English malts and an eye-watering 150 IBUs from East Kent Goldings hops, the depth of flavor is immense.
The aging potential for this beer is great, a decade is not out of the question.

Double Dry Hopped Imperial Saison (for Lyudmila Pavlichenko)

The second in our series of beers dedicated to bad ass women who kicked nazi ass. Double Dry Hopped Imperial Saison (for Lyudmila Pavlichenko) 11.4% ABV.
This beer is a monstrously dry hopped barley wine fermented with our house saison yeast blend and aged in oak barrels with wild yeast for a year and a half.
The aroma is stone fruit, funk and oak. The flavor is packed with malt, ripe peach, wine barrel and tropical fruit. Double Dry Hopped Imperial Sa41570496_2193003594247019_3780765577870573568_n

Mexicana #2 (for Emilio Zapata)


Mexicana #2 (for Emilio Zapata) 5.3% ABV. The second in our trio of lagers inspired by the cuisine of different regions of Mexico. This is a corn based light lager with the addition of 1# per gallon of tomatillos and Serrano chilies. We scraped the insides of the chilies so there is little to no burn but a fantastic aroma of chilies. The tomatillos flavor is tangy and reminiscent of salsa verde.

Petite Blueberry Sour (for Lightning Hopkins)

After our barrel aged Blueberry Sour (for Fats Domino) was finished aging on 4# of blueberries per gallon we took the used blueberries and added them to a new beer and let the wild yeast ferment it out. The second use fruit still has an amazing amount of color and flavor left in it and it lets the underlying beer and wild yeast to shine. Bright and refreshing, this is a perfect summer thirst quencher.


Blueberry Sour (for Fats Domino)

A blend of one and two year old barrel aged sour beer aged on 4# per gallon of blueberries. An obscene amount of fruit that blends nicely with the oak and subtle funk.

In a past life we owned a homebrew supply shop down in New Orleans, one day Fats Domino walks in and says he wants to learn how to make strawberry wine. For the next several weeks I would get a daily phone call “Mike? this is Fats…what’s going on with this wine?!” In my book he was as important as Elvis in the formation of early rock and roll. This ones for him.


Hoppy Brett Lager (for John Dunsworth)

A classic pilsner but aged with a blend of 13 strains of Brettanomyces and heavily dry hopped with Azacca and Equanot. Big aroma of funk and tropical hops but it drinks like a crisp pilsner.
We brewed this in collaboration with a local bottle shop for their 3rd anniversary so it won’t see any distribution, available only at the brewery.

Dedicated to John Dunsworth a.k.a Mr. Lahey of Trailer Park Boys. RIP


Mexicana #1 (for Octavio Paz)

The first in a triptych of lagers inspired by the cuisine of Mexico. This dark, bock strength lager is inspired by the black mole sauces of Oaxaca. Charred tortillas in the mash, chili pasilla and subtle spicing in the kettle then cocoa nibs in the lagering tank.