Batch #13 Drifter’s Escape (for Teddy Roosevelt)

A collaboration with Twin Leaf Brewing as a fundraiser for the Brewing For Greenways project. An attempt to rescue the much maligned classic American lager from the hands of the mega brewers. We kept the classic 6-row and corn base and added copious amounts of Centennial and Citra hops in the whirlpool and dry hop.

Batch #12 Thai Basil Witbier (for Terry Riley)

A refreshing Belgian style wit with the addition of 10# of locally grown Thai basil from our friends at Rayburn Farms. The basil gives a floral almost licorice character which blends nicely with the fruity yeast blend.

This beer is dedicated to Terry Riley, our favorite avant grade composer whose invention of tape delay created some of the most psychedelic music of its time.

Batch #11 Asheville Spontaneous Dark Ale (for Friends)

This is a super limited edition of only 40 bottles available to friends of the brewery and fellow brewers. It started life as some wort left over from brewing Maceo while at Green Man, the wort was left out overnight and inoculated with wild West Asheville yeast and bacteria. It was then left alone for 18 months. Bottled with white wine yeast.

Batch #10 Summer Saison w/ Fire Roasted Citrus (for Albert Hoffman)

This year’s summer saison (a.k.a. Orange Sunshine) was brewed with lightly blackened lemons and grapefruits for a groovy, bright citrus character without any of the “lemon pledge” notes that beers bread with fresh lemons can have. Fermented with our house saison blend then finished in the bottle with both our “fruity” and “funky” Brett blends. While fresh the citrus is predominant but with aging, the citrus will start to fade and the funk will start to increase. It should be fun to see how this one evolves. Perfect for a bike ride!

Batch #8 (for Sly Stone) American Sour Ale with Apricots

We took our classic saison and soured it then aged it for four months with our house Brett blend. We then put it onto almost 3# per gallon of apricots and let it sit another month before bottling. Super juicy, like biting into a ripe apricot, sour but not enamel stripping sour, low to medium funk.

Dedicated to one of the great funksters of all time: Sly Stone, the man behind Sly and the Family Stone.

Batch #7 East India Porter (for Lemmy)

Everybody knows that they sent Pale Ale to India (a.k.a. India Pale Ale) but nobody seems to realize that they sent WAY more porter over there. In order to make the voyage the brewers treated porter the way they did pale ale, i.e. doubled the bittering hops and dry hop the heck out of it. This isn’t your normal porter: intense roast character from the traditional grain bill of pale, amber, brown and black malts and a firm finish from 90 IBUs from East Kent Goldings hops. Think of it as the original black IPA! (6.1% ABV).

This beer is dedicated to Lemmy, the bassist and frontman for the band Motorhead. His music is always on rotation at the brewery and he will be missed.

Batch #6 East India Pale Ale (circa 1840) (for Krishnamurti)

This is a historical recreation of what the original IPA tasted like back when it was actually shipped to India. Massively hopped with traditional East Kent Goldings (140 calculated IBUs) and heavily dry hopped the beer then was aged with Brettanomyces for 4 months and then an additional month in the bottle. Huge funk in the nose blending perfectly with the fruity hops and yeast character. Taste the history! (8.1% ABV)

This beer is dedicated to Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher whose ideas have been influential to us for many years.