Mexicana #2 (for Emilio Zapata)


Mexicana #2 (for Emilio Zapata) 5.3% ABV. The second in our trio of lagers inspired by the cuisine of different regions of Mexico. This is a corn based light lager with the addition of 1# per gallon of tomatillos and Serrano chilies. We scraped the insides of the chilies so there is little to no burn but a fantastic aroma of chilies. The tomatillos flavor is tangy and reminiscent of salsa verde.

Petite Blueberry Sour (for Lightning Hopkins)

After our barrel aged Blueberry Sour (for Fats Domino) was finished aging on 4# of blueberries per gallon we took the used blueberries and added them to a new beer and let the wild yeast ferment it out. The second use fruit still has an amazing amount of color and flavor left in it and it lets the underlying beer and wild yeast to shine. Bright and refreshing, this is a perfect summer thirst quencher.


Blueberry Sour (for Fats Domino)

A blend of one and two year old barrel aged sour beer aged on 4# per gallon of blueberries. An obscene amount of fruit that blends nicely with the oak and subtle funk.

In a past life we owned a homebrew supply shop down in New Orleans, one day Fats Domino walks in and says he wants to learn how to make strawberry wine. For the next several weeks I would get a daily phone call “Mike? this is Fats…what’s going on with this wine?!” In my book he was as important as Elvis in the formation of early rock and roll. This ones for him.


Hoppy Brett Lager (for John Dunsworth)

A classic pilsner but aged with a blend of 13 strains of Brettanomyces and heavily dry hopped with Azacca and Equanot. Big aroma of funk and tropical hops but it drinks like a crisp pilsner.
We brewed this in collaboration with a local bottle shop for their 3rd anniversary so it won’t see any distribution, available only at the brewery.

Dedicated to John Dunsworth a.k.a Mr. Lahey of Trailer Park Boys. RIP


Mexicana #1 (for Octavio Paz)

The first in a triptych of lagers inspired by the cuisine of Mexico. This dark, bock strength lager is inspired by the black mole sauces of Oaxaca. Charred tortillas in the mash, chili pasilla and subtle spicing in the kettle then cocoa nibs in the lagering tank.



Biere de Mars (for H.G.Wells)

Biere de Mars (for H.G. Wells) 7.8% ABV. Biere de Mars (beer of March) was traditionally brewed to celebrate the end of winter. Think of it as an old school Biere de Garde, back when “de Garde” meant long aging in barrels.


Our version starts as a malty red lager fermented at warm temperatures along with some house wild cultures. It then hibernated in oak wine barrels for a year with our house Brett blend.

A beautiful beer with loads of complex funk and oak in the the aroma, notes of cherries and dark stone fruit. A beer that should age wonderfully for years, with more funk developing with time


Tangerine Tripel (for Franceska Mann)

27972493_2058733454340701_8910482390547084771_nA traditional Belgian strong ale, this strong (9.7% ABV) blonde ale is brewed using Belgian pilsner and wheat malts and highlights our house Flemish yeast strain. We then hand peeled 250 tangerines and added them post fermentation.

The delicate citrus notes from the tangerines compliment the fruity yeast character. The flavor is crisp with a hint of malt sweetness. Scarily drinkable considering its strength.

Petite Raspberry Sour (for Tobe Hooper)

Petite Raspberry Sour (for Tobe Hooper) 5.3% ABV. Fermented with 100% coolship sourced Asheville wild yeast and aged on second use fruit from our Framboze.

Not as jammy as Framboze but still lots of fruit character. The wild yeast culture provides beautiful funk and a delicate acidity. Will continue to evolve in the bottle for several years.

Bottle conditioned, cork and caged 750 ml bottles


Dry Hopped Saison (for the Cassini spacecraft)

7.5% ABV. We aged this mixed field saison a full year in wine barrels with our house Brett blend, then we dry hopped it with 3# per barrel of Azacca, Denali and Citra. The complex hop aroma blends perfectly with the stone fruit funk of the Brett and the fruity yeast. Crisp and surprisingly delicate.

750 ml. bottle conditioned, cork and caged bottles. unnamed-4

Russian Imperial Stout circa 1850 (for Peter Freuchen)

Straight out of the old brewer’s records (thanks to Ron Pattinson’s work), this is what Russian Imperial Stout tasted like back in the day. Unlike the candy bar flavored stouts that are all the rage today, this stout is very…adult. Brewed with only pale, brown and black malt, the flavor is packed with bittersweet chocolate and Italian amaro…the finish is bone dry with a firm bitterness.

Like a young bordeaux this is delicious now but will be fabulous with a year or two of aging.