Evolution of IPA 1840-2000 Box Set

The Evolution of IPA (1840-1994) box set of six historical IPAs recreated from the actual brewers logs. Complete with a pamphlet detailing historical/brewing/tasting notes.
This set will accompany an upcoming streaming lecture by beer historians Ron Pattinson and Mitch Steele. This epic lecture will include an in depth interview with Vinnie Cilurzo and will cover the entire history of IPA from the 1700s to 2021.
Original IPA (circa 1840) aged in oak barrels for 14 months with Brettanomyces.
Whitbread IPA (circa 1902) pre-WW1 IPA. The classic example of an English IPA
Whitbread IPA (circa 1918) post-WW1. The beginning of the decline of IPA.
Boddingtons IPA (circa 1946) post-WW2. The end of IPA as it was known.
West Coast IPA(circa 1974) the rebirth of IPA with the start of craft beer.
West Coast US DIPA (circa 1994) the birth of the double IPA
Complete historical, brewing and tasting notes
$50 limited to 400 cases.

Original IPA circa 1840 (for Laika)

Original IPA circa 1840 (for Laika) 7.5%. This is one of only a few beers that we repeat every year and it’s one of our most intense and challenging beers.
Brewed with 100% Maris Otter malt and a huge amounts of East Kent Goldings hops (160 calculated ibus). Fermented with Burton yeast then aged in oak barrels for 14 months with Brettanomyces. Dry hopped with more EKG and bottle conditioned.
Big gingerbread/sandalwood funk in the nose blends with dried apricot notes from the hops. The flavor is wild, hop resins and funk. Absolutely nothing like a modern IPA but it has gained a bit of a cult following over the years.
Only 400 bottles available as another 400 are destined for a secret mega-project we will be announcing soon.


Petite Blueberry Sour (for Albert King)

Petite Blueberry Sour (for Albert King) 5.9% ABV. Fermented with 100% wild culture from the Asheville air and aged on the second use fruit from our barrel aged Blueberry Sour.
While not as jammy and complex as our Blueberry Sour, this still has loads of fruit and yeast character. Perfect for upcoming summer bbqs or get togethers.


Blueberry Sour (for Howlin Wolf)

Blueberry Sour (for Howlin Wolf) 6.3% ABV. We blended select 2 year old barrels of sour beer fermented with 100% wild yeast from the Asheville air and aged it on a ridiculous 4+ pounds of blueberries per gallon.

Deep purple color with a beautiful pink foam, refined acidity with a hint of Brett funk. The blueberry character is just insane!


Traditional English Barleywine (for Andre the Giant)

Traditional English Barleywine (for Andre the Giant) 10% ABV. A spotlight for traditional English Maris Otter malt and a long 6 hour boil. Intense flavors of caramel and biscuity malt. Where this beer will shine is with aging, it will be fire in 2-4 years and has possibility for a decade of cellaring…or just drink it now you savages..


Mocha Imperial Stout (for SunnO))))

Mocha Imperial Stout (for SunnO)))) 10% ABV. We start with traditional English malts with the addition of 50# of Ghirardelli cocoa powder in the mash. Aged on local espresso beans from Penny Cup Roasters.
Inky black with an aroma of chocolate covered espresso beans. The flavor is fudgy but without the cloying sweetness, reminiscent of chocolate covered cordials. This isn’t a one-sip wonder, it’s complex and dangerously drinkable.


Winter Warmer (for George Orwell)

First new beer drop of 2021: Winter Warmer (for George Orwell) 9% ABV. What this beer REALLY is, is what was known in the early 1800s as a Burton Ale: a dark, strong, slightly sweet ale. Brewed not with dark roasted malts like porter and stout but with dark caramelized sugar syrups.

The town of Burton in England eventually became the hotbed of the new pale ales and the old style of dark strong ales quietly vanished except around wintertime when small casks would arrive to serve on the back bar. The classic English beer Fuller’s ESB used to be called Old Burton back in the day.

This beer is brewed with Maris Otter pale malt and two types of extra dark sugar syrups. Tastes like sugar daddies, tootsie rolls, dark fruit. Deadly drinkable for the 9% ABV.


Biere De Noel (for Bill Withers)

Biere de Noel (for Bill Withers) 11.8% ABV. A strong dark ale fermented 100% in oak barrels with Brettanomyces for 18 months.
Aromas of port wine, chocolate cherry cordials, a hint of leathery funk and complex oak. Just a hint of tartness, dark fruit, hint of licorice. Deadly drinkable for its strength. Aging potential 5-15 years.122669924_2744375545776485_3431662807028514283_n

Russian Imperial Stout (for John Bonham)

Russian Imperial Stout (for John Bonham) 10% ABV. We started with a classic, traditional Imperial Stout in the style of when it was actually sent to Russia. Brewed with ultra orthodox ingredients like Maris Otter, Brown and Black malts and loads of EKG hops. We then aged it in wheat and rye whiskey barrels.
No candy bars or wacky flavors, no artificial ingredients. Just a beautiful stout rested in delicious barrels.

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Mango Sour (for King Tubby)

Mango Sour (for King Tubby) 5.8% ABV. A true mixed culture sour aged on a massive 3+ pounds of mangoes per gallon.
Aroma of juicy, ripe mangoes jump out of the glass. Perfect level of acidity is balanced by a silky mouthfeel from lots of oats. Just a beautiful, fruit forward sour ale.118581639_2695691707311536_746127310180492805_n