Winter Warmer (for George Orwell)

First new beer drop of 2021: Winter Warmer (for George Orwell) 9% ABV. What this beer REALLY is, is what was known in the early 1800s as a Burton Ale: a dark, strong, slightly sweet ale. Brewed not with dark roasted malts like porter and stout but with dark caramelized sugar syrups.

The town of Burton in England eventually became the hotbed of the new pale ales and the old style of dark strong ales quietly vanished except around wintertime when small casks would arrive to serve on the back bar. The classic English beer Fuller’s ESB used to be called Old Burton back in the day.

This beer is brewed with Maris Otter pale malt and two types of extra dark sugar syrups. Tastes like sugar daddies, tootsie rolls, dark fruit. Deadly drinkable for the 9% ABV.