L’Internationale (for Eliane Radigue)

L’Internationale (for Eliane Radigue) 6.8% ABV. The second in a series of collaborations with 40 breweries around the world, this one is a historical French Biere de Garde. Each brewery brews the same recipe but with its own local ingredients.

Ours is brewed with local Riverbend 6-row malt, raw wheat and aged French Strisselspalt hops. A long 5 hour boil adds some color. Fermented warm with lager yeast then with our coolship sourced Asheville wild culture in oak barrels for 7 months.

Delicate refined funk and some oak in the nose, complex stone fruit flavors with a hint of tartness. A very interesting beer that has aspects of Belgian lambic and saison but really is its own style.

In collaboration with the Saison, Biere de Garde and Farmhouse Ale Appreciation Society