Historical London Porter Set (1804 and 1832)

Special Asheville Beer Week bottle release: London Porter (circa 1804) and London Porter ( circa 1834). In conjunction with our upcoming historical beer tap takeover and beer historian Ron Pattinson’s lecture/tasting  we are releasing this pair of super geeky historical recreations of porter from its early days two centuries ago.
The 1804 version (for Martyn Cornell) is brewed with 50% custom made smoked brown malt from Epiphany Craft Malt while the 1832 version (for Pete Brown) is down to 15% smoked brown malt and 2% black malt that was recently invented in 1817. Both beers were aged in oak barrels with Brett clausennii for 8 months for authenticity.
Each pair of bottles come with a tasting pamphlet with all the geeky details.60261106_2331934310353946_4548638265049088000_n