Batch #16 Fire Roasted Pumpkin Fall Saison (for Jimi Hendrix)

Who likes pumpkin spice beers? Not us! In fact I can’t seem to find anyone who likes that crap. Most brewers don’t even bother to put pumpkin in ┬átheir pumpkin spice beers. We figured that someone had to do it right. We took 150# of local pie pumpkins grown by our friends and neighbors at Rayburn Farms and roasted them in a fire pit until they were caramelized and smokey and put them in the mash of a classic fall saison.

The beer itself has the classic fruity yeast character from our house saison yeast blend with a subtle but noticeable flavor of roasted pumpkin in the finish. At 7.7% ABV, its a warming beer perfect for a fall evening and would pair nicely with a roast turkey. Don’t give up on pumpkin beer, it can be made well!

Dedicated to Jimi “let me stand next to your fire” Hendrix…